By aiming to take the life quality to an upper level with the whole realized Projects, Darpan continues to be the address of luxury.

Near Sona Petrol Pump, Opposite Sikkim Plaza, Sevoke Road | Siliguri | West Bengal
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Darpan 88°

The new phrase for a perfect life where happiness and accomplishment thrive.

Mankamna group and Embee group has dared to spread its wings and push the very boundaries of possibility. We are dreaming really big this time. Our own living experience in and around the blessed land of Siliguri has inspired us to cater specifically to the growing elite that calls this city home.

Even though the populace of Siliguri is blessed with outstanding business acumen and is at their height of financial prowess, somehow the corresponding elite strata of lifestyle has been amiss.

Darpan 88°, evelvating your lifestyle.

Hence, we have conceptualized the “Darpan 88°",literally a mirror that showcases one’s true worth through the means of an elevated lifestyle. What we have dared to dream is the future.

The very future of living that all the elites of siliguri shall crave. From a classy location to amazing build quality to an even classier design, even speck of the offering is a definitive testament to our uncompromising class and diligence.

What we have arrived at is something that has never been attempted before. And it will certainly be a long time since anyone can follow through.

We welcome you to gaze towards us and experience for yourself. Take a dip into a lifestyle that never lived before. An experience that beats it all. Your life will be a story love, laughter, and celebration.